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IncrediblEdge brings together change-makers from transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields - to inspire borderless thinking, ideas, innovation and creativity beyond the horizon. Participants have the opportunity to meet, connect, reimagine and collaborate with others who are at the cutting edge of new thinking, new technologies and solutions for people and planet.


Events held in New Zealand, celebrating people, culture, creativity and innovation with a focus on place and humanity, are limited to 150 participants. IncrediblEdge summits are unique to the Southern hemisphere.

What is the Summit?

The summit is for thought leaders, creatives, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers
at the cutting edge of their fields - to share experiences and ideas that create value in
shaping our future.

Our Participants

Participants are from entrepreneurship, the arts and culture, design, architecture, science, technology, niche manufacturing, fashion, music, film, visual effects, social innovation, education, agriculture, environment, media and investment.

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IncrediblEdge events include two days of invigoration, inspiration and personal transformation

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Collaboration at IncrediblEdge

IncrediblEdge brings entrepreneurs, leaders and diverse change makers together to share their ideas and inventiveness, gain new perspectives and learn from one another.  It fosters ...

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Learn about the incredible organisations and individuals who are making this unique event possible.

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