Collaboration at IncrediblEdge

IncrediblEdge brings entrepreneurs, leaders and diverse change makers together to share their ideas and inventiveness, gain new perspectives and learn from one another.  It fosters an inclusive environment to meet and collaborate with like-minded people who share a passion and vision to create impact in our borderless world.

Hands on experimental work liberates creativity through which new ideas are generated and transformed into value.

Making at Incredible Edge 2014,Auckland

Making, Incredible Edge 2014, Auckland. Photo: Olja Latinovic

What we create influences our cultural identity. Creative intelligence is dynamic and diverse. In an open and engaging shared space, co-creation builds connectedness between people, catalyses new thinking, and incubates ideas that are impactful in stewarding the future. These learning opportunities spark meaningful change and continue the momentum of innovation

 Fred van Brandenburg of Architecture Van Brandenburg  was inspirational at IncrediblEdge, sharing his passion and commitment for taking nature’s form to inspire architecture. The architecture firm’s design is brought to fruition through the Marisfrolg Headquarters in Shenzhen, China – an extensive process which began in 2008. This is an awesome collaboration across cultures, geographical borders, technologies and time.

Incredible Edge summit 1

Mind Lab, Auckland - Discussions

Russian business leaders with creative entrepreneur Qiane Matata-Sipu at The Mind Lab, Auckland. Photo: Olja Latinovic

Jamie McLellan  runs a product and furniture design studio located in a small boat shed in Auckland, New Zealand. Working and collaborating internationally, Jamie’s sense of purpose for ethical design “guides every project, each design ultimately becoming an object that those involved are passionate about, want to use and to live with”.

Invivo Wines  was started by two school friends Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron in 2008, at the height of the GFC. Invivo has been described as New Zealand’s most innovative  company. Invivo became the wine of choice for UK chat show star Graham Norton, released an Invivo song in Japan, collected a host of wine trophies including World’s Best Sauvignon Blanc and were named in Deloitte’s New Zealand Fast 50 companies. The wines are available around the world.


The power of new technologies is advancing digital innovations at incredible speed. Booktrack is a disruptive force in the publishing and audio world. Booktrack CEO and co-founder Paul Cameron leads the global technology company, which has created a new genre of digital storytelling entertainment. Booktrack uniquely enhances the eBook experience by adding movie-style soundtracks and ambient audio to eBooks.Currently, nearly 2.5 million active readers, educators, writers, publishers, self-publishers and music enthusiasts create and share via the Booktrack platform. As a Google for Education Partner  a free Booktrack Classroom version is provided or schools.

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Paul Cameron, CEO and co-founder, Booktrack / Jodi Newcombe, Carbon Arts, Australia. Photo: Olja Latinovic

Carbon Arts  works in collaboration with some of the world’s most innovative and talented artists, scientists, organisations and producers. Change maker and Director Jodi Newcombe  founded Carbon Arts following an international career as an environmental economist and sustainability consultant. Her work on natural resource management and policy design, green technology and low-carbon urban design inform her incredible achievements for sustainable change in tandem with the creative sector.

Leading innovators and entrepreneurs demonstrate sharing and respect for individual and collective efforts, to make the world a better place. The inspiring visions, dedication and life-long journeys told by extraordinary people leaves nothing left but to be in awe, and then realise the potential we all have to make a difference.


3-D printed sound bite by Gerbrand van Melle

Gerbrand Van Melle’s 3-D printed Sound Bites. Software engineering and 3D printing technologies were used to blend audio, visual, touch, smell and taste. Photo: Gerbrand van Melle.